fotografická série
series of photographs

O emocích, přítomnosti, minulosti a vzpomínkách, které nejde vymazat, a proto je nutné se s nimi smířit a zaujmout k nim postoj.

The paradox of the memory is that she stands on the very edge of fiction and so, from the standpoint of the presence she becomes a manipulative stock of memories. A potpourri of emotional tracks in the memory is just a material that is serving the imagination, whose truth one can doubt. The series Memory is about the past and memories, memories that cannot be erased, and it is therefore necessary to come to terms with them and take a position towards them.

The series entitled Memory searches the relationship between the emotion and the memory, between the present and the past.

I projected on the screen old slides that are important to me personally, that represent some emotionally powerful moments in my life. The slides play a dominant role in the composition of the images. I am present on each photo and my position expresses my current attitude to every individual memory I recall through the imagery.